Payment, terms and conditions



If you book later than 30 days prior to your visit you will pay the total amount when upon booking. If you book earlier than that you will pay 20% of the amount as a booking fee upon booking. If you wish to cancel your booking these 20% will not be refunded.

You will receive an invoice with e-mail for the rest of the amount. You do not have to keep track on when and how to pay the rest to keep your booking with us in any other way.


How long in advance you cancel your booking without paying the rest depends on what you have booked and is specified on each product. For example; 10 days for riding, 4 days for paddling, MTB and high ropes, 14 days for accommodation and packages with mixed products.

If you have paid the total amount in time of the booking and wish to cancel within the dates above your money will be refunded except for the 20% that is the booking fee.

For cancellation or any other questions concerning your booking please e-mail


On some products we offer a rebooking guarantee for a smaller fee. The terms of each product you will find when you book. You buy the rebooking guarantee after you have chosen the product.


Please feel most welcome!