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Most of our activities are bookable online. If you are unsure about how to book or have questions that you have not found an answer to at the website, you are welcome to contact us!


Sometimes its tricky to follow the GPS, it’s often easier to follow the signs towars Tiveden National Park and then signs towards Ösjönäs Gård. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Directions with car

From Stockholm

Drive to and past Örebro (E20 south) and past Askersund, turn right on road 49 towards Skövde. A bit behind Olshammar is the signpost to Tivedens National Park and Ösjönäs. Follow the signs to Ösjönäs gård and you will arrive soon! You can also continue E20 south to Laxå, drive towards Askersund and then towards and past Tived, follow the signs to Ösjönäs gård. About 300 kilometers from Stockholm.

From Gothenburg

Drive E20 to Skara and then road 49 past Skövde, Tibro and Karlsborg – continue on road 49 towards Askersund. At Granvik follow the sign towards Tived and then the signs towards Ösjönäs gård. Total about 200 kilometers from Gothenburg.

From Malmö

Drive up to Helsingborg and take the E4 north to Jönköping. Then drive alongside Vättern on road 195 over Hjo and Karlsborg. After Karlsborg take road 49 towards Askersund about 15 kilometers and at Granvik follow the signs towards Tived and then Ösjönäs gård. Total about 400 kilometers from Malmö.

Get to us by public transportation

You can get to us from Laxå station with Local service in Örebro County. Transport needs to be booked in advance, read more here: Local service in Örebro County. Phone number for booking: +46 771-92 00

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