High ropes course

Enjoy an exciting day in Tiveden’s treetops.

The height of the course varies up to 12 meters and is a true challenge. Our instructors are always present and together with the participants. We use double climbing harnesses for maximum safety and you are secured by your ropes at all times.

So if your up for an exciting and adventurous day in fantastic nature – join us for a playful day in the treetops of Tiveden. It is probably the most beautiful tree climbing you can find in Sweden. It sits with an amazing view over the Tiveden National park.

Larger groups: if you are more than 10 persons who wants to climb please send a request on e-mail: vildmark@osjonas.se


Do something really fun. Come and climb the treetops with us. The high ropes course is beautifully situated with a view over Tivedens National Park, surrounded by magnificent nature. The zip-line takes you across the water.

It is always difficult to say exactly how long it will take to so even if in theory it is 90 minutes please plan for some extra time around your visit to avoid stress. It is possible to bring a stroller all the way to the course and if you are traveling with a dog it is welcome to join us on the ground on a leash. It is possible to take a swim close to the high ropes course.

Larger groups: if you are more than 10 persons who wants to climb please send a request on e-mail: vildmark@osjonas.se

Who can book?

All participants in the high ropes course need to follow the instructor’s instructions and the activity is at your own risk. We recommend that you do not participate if you have previous neck or back injuries as there is a risk that these may be affected if you for example fall into the harness.

Maximum weight 110 kg, maximum waist circumference 120 cm, participants shorter than 145 cm need a longer fellow climber.

Participants under 6 years old – Unfortunately, we cannot allow participants under 6 years of age in the higher part of the high ropes course, however, they can climb in the lower part of the high ropes course and ride in our over 100 m long zipline. Children needs to be assisted by and adult who has paid a climbing fee.

For participants 6-9 years old, the safety shall be carried out by a fellow climbing adult who has paid climbing fees.

For participants 10-13 years old, the adult shall monitor that safety procedures are followed, the monitoring can take place from the ground if the person in the course can be verbally hindered in case of any mistakes. However, participants under 145 cm need a fellow climber to handle the safety ropes.

Participants shall be sober and drug-free.

Read more about our conditions for climbing in the high ropes course here

What do I need to bring?

Please choose clothes according to weather. An extra windproof top can be nice, comfortable shoes (trainers are good). You might come to appreciate a pair of thin gloves. Water bottle.

Payment, terms and conditions

If you book later than 30 days prior to your visit you will pay the total amount upon booking. If you book earlier than that you will pay 20% of the amount as a booking fee upon booking. If you wish to cancel your booking 20% of the total amount will not be refunded. You will receive an invoice with e-mail for the rest of the amount if you haven’t already paid it. You do not have to keep track on when and how to pay the rest to keep your booking with us in any other way.

How long in advance you can cancel your booking without paying the rest depends on what you have booked – for the high ropes it is 4 days. If you have paid the total amount in time of the booking and wish to cancel within the dates above your money will be refunded except for the 20% that is the booking fee. You can in the booking process choose to be able to change date and time, if you do this you will easily manage your booking on the website.

For cancellation or any other questions concerning your booking please e-mail vildmark@osjonas.se. Again – please feel most welcome!