We offer many options to experience and explore Tiveden National Park from the water.

Ösjönäs is surrounded by the lakes Lilla and Stora Trehörningen. It’s a paddle paradise and easier than you think. We offer rental of SUP, kayaks (both single and double) and canoes. You can rent half day, full day, over night and even a few hours in some cases. Tiveden is a wonderful forest and we recommend the combination of canoeing and hiking on some of the beautiful hiking trails in the park.


When you rent from us life vest, paddle and extra seat for the canoe is included.

We are there to help you out at the start time bur if you are late we might be of fixing something else. Please just call +46 505 25022 and we will see to that you will get all the help you need asap. You can choose how long you want to be out on the lake for – 4, 8 or 24 hours. If you want to try out SUP you can even choose 2 hours. When you are out on the water you are on your own and under your own responsibility. You can also book a guided guided paddling.

If you like you can buy lunch packs from us, we also sell ice cream in the reception. We strongly recommend bringing comfortable shoes that will inspire you to stretch your legs on one of the hiking trails passing the beaches around in the park. Hope you have a great day!


Take your family out on the lakes in Tivedens Nationalpark. It is an easy way to get around and move between the different beaches. Combine with hiking and plan for a fun day.

Life vests and paddles are included. Extra seats as well (we even have extra seats for teddybears) but we don’t have life vests for dogs so if you are bringing your furry friend please bring your own vest and a long leash/line.

K1 (single kayak)

Have a really fun day in a kayak and see the Tiveden National Park from the seaside. We have both stable and fast kayaks. You choose which one you want your self and in dialogue with our instructors.

If you travel with teenagers we recommend (from our own experience) that they paddle a single kayak.

K2 (double kayak)

Enjoy the lakes in Tivedens Nationalpark together with a friend in a double kayak. No lifts are necessary between the lakes. Are K2s are stable.

It is social and fun to paddle together. We help you so you come out on the water in a good way.

SUP (stand up paddle)

Standing on a SUP gives you a fantastic view and a different perspective. It is both relaxing and demanding at the same time. Combine your paddling with a hike somewhere in the park.

Paddle and life vest is included. Bring a spare change of clothes in a plastic bag to be sure of a good day.

Guided kayak paddling in Tiveden Nationalpark

Join our guide out on the waters in Tiveden Nationalpark. You will get a basic course in paddling technique, we will help you choose kayak according to your wishes, demands and prior experience – we have suitable kayaks for everyone.

Swedish fika is included and all gear you need. Please wear clothes according to weather.

Full day on Lake Vättern - guided kayak paddling

Enjoy the clear waters and fantastic archipelago of Lake Vättern during a day in a kayak – develop your paddling technique with our knowledgeable guide and enjoy a delicious lunch on the rocks.

Swedish fika is included and all gear you need. Please wear clothes according to weather.

What do I need to bring?

Please choose clothing according to the weather. An extra windproof sweater can be nice to have with you. Don’t forget a water bottle, something to take pictures with and good shoes on your feet.

Payment, terms and conditions

If you book later than 30 days prior to your visit you will pay the total amount upon booking. If you book earlier than that you will pay 20% of the amount as a booking fee upon booking. If you wish to cancel your booking 20% of the total amount will not be refunded. You will receive an invoice with e-mail for the rest of the amount if you haven’t already paid it. You do not have to keep track on when and how to pay the rest to keep your booking with us in any other way.

How long in advance you can cancel your booking without paying the rest depends on what you have booked – for the paddeling it is 4 days. If you have paid the total amount in time of the booking and wish to cancel within the dates above your money will be refunded except for the 20% that is the booking fee. You can in the booking process choose to be able to change date and time, if you do this you will easily manage your booking on the website.

For cancellation or any other questions concerning your booking please e-mail Again – please feel most welcome!