Sauna & hot tubs

Enjoy the moment in or by the water. Senses come to stillness when you are surrounded by warmth and forest.

Sauna or Hot tub? Or both? We offer different options to suit the couple, the family and the group of friends. Maybe you need to enjoy the warmth for a couple of hours while hiking the purple trail or want to spend the whole afternoon/evening? In any case we help you with the fires so let us know when you want everything to be ready.

These experiences are very popular so don’t wait to book. We are surrounded by one of Swedens most magical forests and we want to show everyone / everything who lives here respect. We ask you therefore to choose another location for wild parties all night long and wish you a great night out.

Thank you for your consideration.


We have different options to offer:

The floating sauna – this is our smallest sauna, its located close to the little wooden bridge to Entré Ösjönäs. It suits the couple or small group. You book the sauna 2 hours at a time and the price depends on how many you are. If you want to book the hot tub beside it you do it for the entire evening. If you are more than 6 pax we recommend the wilderness camp. There is no electricity or running water here. Outdoor toilet is by the entré.

The hot tub by the floating sauna – close to the bridge over to the entré you’ll find this hot tub. Please let us know what time you want it warm and ready. It can only be booked once per day since it takes such a long time to clean and fix it between guests. The floating sauna is booked separately and is booked two hours at a time. Outdoor toilet is by the entré. There is no electricity or running water by the floating sauna.

The wilderness camp – by a lovely sandy little beach in the forest. Here you’ll find a sauna (a bit larger than the floating sauna) with a changing room, a hot tub and not much more. There is no electricity and no shower. We will take of the fire so let us know when you want it to be ready. There is no electricity or running water but an outdoor toilet in the forest.

What do I need to bring?

Towel / bathrobe and bath slippers. Torch (there are some lanterns). Biodegradable soap and schampoo. If the weather is cold bring a woolen hat.

Payment, terms and conditions

If you book later than 30 days prior to your visit you will pay the total amount upon booking. If you book earlier than that you will pay 20% of the amount as a booking fee upon booking. If you wish to cancel your booking 20% of the total amount will not be refunded. You will receive an invoice with e-mail for the rest of the amount if you haven’t already paid it. You do not have to keep track on when and how to pay the rest to keep your booking with us in any other way.

How long in advance you can cancel your booking without paying the rest depends on what you have booked – for the sauna and hot tubs it’s 10 days. If you have paid the total amount in time of the booking and wish to cancel within the dates above your money will be refunded except for the 20% that is the booking fee. You can in the booking process choose to be able to change date and time, if you do this you will easily manage your booking on the website.

For cancellation or any other questions concerning your booking please e-mail Again – please feel most welcome!